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An AmTrust Financial Company (NASDAQ: AFSI)

AmTrust Title Insurance Company

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AmTrust Financial Group

This company was issued a secure rating by the A.M. Best Company, click for additional details

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AmTrust Title is looking to appoint new agency partners. We welcome all inquiries. Click "Learn More" to fill out a simple new agency request form. One of our Agency Representatives will be in contact with you shortly.

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AmTrust Title knows the importance of having experienced insurance underwriters available for agent support. We understand that our agents need easy and immediate access to professionals capable of answering questions and making decisions in a timely manner.


Protect your investment. Our core function in the real estate transaction is to protect all parties involved - starting with you! Your first line of protection against loss is an Owner's Policy of Title Insurance and an Insured Closing Protection Letter from AmTrust Title.

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Our CFPB compliant rate calculator and quoting tool enables loan officers to confidently quote and initiate settlements with flow-through, guaranteed accuracy.



Our systems are designed with ubiquity in mind. The Responsive design means that you can view our site from any device. Powered by the latest development tools with a foundation architecture specifically designed to promote integration at every level.

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Our agent vetting and online Agent Wellness™ system continually monitors the health of our agent’s escrow accounts, and provides instantaneous forensic information to evaluate, mitigate and defend against loss.

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Core Values

At AmTrust, our Core Values define the common philosophy shared throughout all levels of our organization. They are critical to our success in conducting business and building relationships with our customers and employees.


AmTrust Title Insurance Company

Is the embodiment of its founders’ collective belief that its focus on capital strength, capital defense, and capital accumulation is the foundation for market continuity for its agents, and that the customer- focused, collaborative marketing might of its agents is the capstone.


AmTrust Financial Services, Inc

(NASDAQ: AFSI) has partnered with industry veterans and leading title agents to launch AmTrust Title, an agent centric title insurance company. AmTrust is a multi-national insurer with a strong track record of aggressive growth, leading technology, and stringent internal controls. For AmTrust Title, this combination translates into immediate strength...